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War on Want promotes 'alternative gift' for Valentine's Day

Howard Lake | 10 February 2006 | News

War on Want is encouraging people to “spread the love” on Valentine’s Day this year by by purchasing an “alternative gift” to help flower workers in Colombia to fight against hazardous working conditions and abuse.

War on Want’s fundraising appeal include online banners adverts at sites such as The New Statesman’s. These read “This Valentine’s Day make more than one person happy… Spread the love. Click to find out how”, with the call to action including War on Want’s logo.

War on Want’s campaign shows that the alternative gift concept is not just for Christmas. Apart from birthdays and personal anniversaries, it can also be applied to holidays and key dates in the calendar. Given the sums currently or about to be spent on chocolates, flowers, card and gifts, it is worth trying to stand out from the crowd with a Valentine’s gift that offers a more lasting effect.


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