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‘Chugger’ included in Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English - cover
Oxford Dictionary of English

“Chugger”, the combination of “charity” and “mugger” to describe a face-to-face street fundraiser, has been included for the first time in the Oxford Dictionary of English.

Chugger is now one of 355,000 words, phrases, and definitions included in the dictionary, which is updated to feature the latest additions to the language. These are gathered from a wide variety of sources including books, newspapers, song lyrics, chat rooms, and film and TV scripts.

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The dictionary describes “chugger” as “noun (informal) a person who approaches passers-by in the street asking for donations or subscriptions to a particular charity.”

To put the addition of the word chugger in context, the revised second edition of the dictionary gives you 350 ways of insulting someone, but only 40 expressions to compliment them.

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