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Voluntary Sector magazine features online fundraising

Howard Lake | 14 July 2005 | News

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)’s Voluntary Sector magazine this month features online fundraising, including an interview with UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake.

In her article ‘Click here’ Sally Flood features a number of examples of how smaller charities are raising funds online.

London-based charity Elephant Family raised enough funds online with a Valentine’s Day appeal to care for 300 Asian elephants. Several hundred supporters gave £25 each in order that they could nominate a friend to receive Valentine’s Day cards and personalised love letters from a selected elephant.


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Ruth Powys, head of fundraising with Elephant Family, told Voluntary Sector: “We thought the idea of adopting an animal had been done to death, and we wanted something fresh that people would find humorous.”

National Aids Trust used its budget of £5,000 to promote a virtual red ribbon as part of World Aids Day. The red ribbon was promoted to charities, individuals and businesses to place on their websites. The ribbon then linked to the World Aids Day website.

Warchild’s music download service charges £3.50 a month and, following its launch in 2004, has raised “thousands of pounds” and attracts over 100,000 visitors each month.