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Call for musicians to donate their Live8 profits

Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour has called on all those musicians who will have boosted their sales by appearing at the Live8 concerts to donate those profits to charity. He has announced that he will be doing just that.

Gilmour encouraged both artists and record companies to donate the additional income they will receive after appearing at the global events.

Universal Music has already confirmed that it will give all profits from digital downloads of Sir Paul McCartney’s performance to the Band Aid Trust.


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According to HMV many of the artists who performed at Live8 have seen huge increases in sales as a result. Sales of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd” has jumped by 1343%, The Who’s “Then and Now” by 863%, and Annie Lennox or rather the Eurythmics’ Greatest Hits by 500%. confirms the impact of the event, reporting that sales of four Pink Floyd albums had increased by over 1000%.