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iConcertina helps Vitalise build stakeholder email list

Online solutions provider is working with Vitalise, formerly the Winged Fellowship Trust , to gather as many stakeholder email addresses as possible, to enhance the charity’s emphasis on its online communications.

Vitalise needed little convincing that it could make considerable savings by moving its communications functions online. However, this move would have little impact if it could not communicate online with large numbers of its stakeholders.

Working with custom online solutions provider iConcertina Creative, the charity, which provides essential breaks for disabled people and carers, launched a campaign to gather stakeholders’ email addresses. The campaign centred on a competition which offered an Apple Imac G5 computer. This would be awarded to the lucky winner once 2,000 email addresses had been gathered. The campaign is still gathering email addresses, according to iConcertina.


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iConcertina Creative will next design an import routine which will append these email addresses to the existing fundraising, volunteer and guest databases using postcode and date of birth data matches.

iConcertina Creative is working with Vitalise to help it transform from being a paper-centric organisation with multiple, isolated databases. Other initiatives it is helping the charity with include a database rationalisation project which builds read and write interfaces between three primary databases and an online self-service project allowing volunteers to register online.
iConcertina are presenting at UK Fundraising’s Perfect Pitch IT/online showcase on Thursday 30 June in London.