Cats Protection tests DRTV to recruit new donors

Cats Protection’s latest campaign will use direct response TV (DRTV) to target a cold audience in a bid to recruit new supporters.

The creative concept, developed by direct marketing agency TDA, shows a ‘cat’s eye view’ of the world and the accompanying commentary highlights the number of cats abandoned each year and the work the charity does to help them.

“DRTV should be a powerful acquisition tool for Cats Protection,” said Susan Gorridge, Acting Head of marketing at Cats Protection. “The channel allows us to effectively communicate the scale and scope of our work, whilst tapping in to viewers’ protective instincts by showing images of cats that have been abandoned.”


Sarah Don-Bramah, Account Director, at TDA, said: “DRTV is a natural choice as cats are so visually appealing. We are confident that this will be the starting point for an ongoing DRTV strategy.”