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Guidance for public on fundraising for tsunami appeals

Howard Lake | 11 January 2005 | News

In the wake of the public’s response to the Asian tsunami appeals, the Institute of Fundraising has launched an informal ‘how to’ guide for members of the general public looking to raise money for charitable appeals.

The two-page guide covers key issues such as where to collect, using collecting boxes, and counting money. It also directs readers to three of the Institute’s codes of practice relevant to public fundraising: The Handling of Cash Donations, The Management of Static Collection Boxes, and House to House Collections.

Andrew Watt, Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Policy and Standards at the Institute of Fundraising, said: “We have been receiving numerous calls from members of the public who are keen to raise funds for one of the tsunami appeals, but haven’t done any fundraising before. It’s great news that so many people have been prompted to get involved, but there is also a real danger that this money could be misappropriated, leaving charities short of vital funds.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

“I’ve seen large, open buckets filled with cash along the high street and polystyrene cups on shop counters filled to the brim with coins, where there should be secure, sealed fundraising tins. This isn’t meant to be bureaucratic, it’s simply about making sure donations reach the people they’re intended for. This ‘how to’ sheet contains some simple do’s and don’ts to follow when raising funds for good causes.”

The free guide can be downloaded from the front page of the Institute of Fundraising’s website.