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NCT fundraises for its Web site

Howard Lake | 29 November 2004 | News

The National Childbirth Trust has launched an appeal specifically to cover the costs of its Web site. It is one of the very few charities that actually states how much per day it costs to run the site.

The National Childbirth Trust’s appeal for its Web site has already attracted a major donation of £27,000 from Homeowners, the Friendly Society, but the charity says it still needs to raise more.

Its Chief Executive Belinda Phipps wrote to its supporters recently in their newsletter mailing to seek support for the Web site’s maintenance and development. “To continue reaching parents with the information that they want,” she wrote, “we desperately need to update our website.”


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Unusually, NCT states how much it costs per day to run the Web site: £12. While this figure is surprisingly low – it suggests an annual fee of £4,380 which is unlikely to include any staff costs, it is nevertheless useful to have such a figure when seeking support for such a project. Very few other charities seem to publish such a figure.

As well as the cost per day, NCT are able to claim that, based on their site’s statistics package, on average 1,000 people benefit from the Web site’s information each day.

The appeal follows the charity’s closure earlier this year of NCTconnect, its online forum for parents and parents-to-be, after just 18 months.