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Post Office promotes tax-efficient giving at Christmas

Frozen snow-covered red post box - photo: Unsplash.com
Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

The Post Office is once again urging people to maximise the value of charitable donations this Christmas through tax-efficient giving by Postal Orders.

The introduction last year by The Post Office of a Gift Aid declaration to Gift Postal Orders has generated £6 million for charities.

Post Office postal order giving
Postal order for giving

Charitable donations via Postal Orders have already hit a record £21 million in 2004 and the total is expected to grow. The Post Office expects that during the five-week run up to Christmas they will see a 50% increase in demand for Gift Postal Orders compared to 2003 sales for the same period.


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Postal Orders remain surprisingly popular as a secure and convenient way to make a charitable donation.

Derek Rocholl, Category Manager, Post Office Ltd, said: “Gift Aid can make a substantial difference to the charities people support this Christmas. Completing a Gift Aid declaration on a £10 donation would generate an additional £2.80.”

Gift Postal Orders can be bought in denominations of £5, £10 and £20.

If your organisation doesn’t already mention the option of giving tax-efficiently by Gift Postal Order, then now would be a good time to add this information to your Web site or next e-mail newsletter. This then gives you the opportunity to explain and promote Gift Aid to your supporters.