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Sense tests touch and smell device in committed giving pack

National deafblind charity Sense is testing a new interactive pack in its committed giving recruitment campaign which started on 4 November 2004.

The pack includes a touch and smell device which gives the reader an insight into how important other senses are to a deafblind child. It also encourages the reader to try asking for a biscuit using deafblind manual alphabet.

The pack, originated and designed by Cascaid, aims to recruit regular giving donors and build their commitment to Sense. The interactive mail pack is being tested against their banker pack and another creative that focuses on the magic of touch in a deafblind child’s life.


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Cascaid Marketing Managing Director, Roger Lawson, explaine: “The touch and smell concept uses new ink technology, which was design for exactly that purpose, to release a smell when touched. It immediately engages the reader in the pack and with the lives of children who can neither see nor hear. We specifically targeted lists that we know will respond to emotive asks, but this pack takes the prospective donor beyond the basic emotion of sympathy to one of genuine care with a positive outcome.”