Association of Charity Shops welcomes draft Charities Bill repot

Howard Lake | 29 September 2004 | News

The Association of Charity Shops (ACS) has welcomed the recommendations of the Joint Committee on the draft Charities Bill in relation to the proposed regulation of the house-to-house collections of goods by charities.

In particular the Association welcomed the recommendation that the Home Office should consider the regulatory burdens and resource issues in bringing forward proposals in the new legislation and the need to ensure that the new Bill tackles the issues of ‘bogus’ collections of goods.

The Association had emphasised the need to focus on the control of such bogus activities rather than further regulation of the collection activities of bona fide charities.


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Lekha Klouda, Executive Secretary of the ACS, said: “We welcome the recognition given in the draft Bill that the collections of goods house-to-house by registered charities raise no issues of public confidence or capacity and we hope that we can now work with the Home Office to develop proportionate and workable notification arrangements.

“An annual notification system such as that proposed by the Association would allow local authorities to focus on controlling bogus collections and would enable charity shops to continue to successfully collect donations house-to-house, raising vital funds for charities and providing an important reuse and recycling service.”