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Canary Wharf Group offers charities benefits of shopping evening

Howard Lake | 10 September 2004 | News

Canary Wharf Group is holding an evening of offers and promotions in its retail malls in November and is offering charities the chance to earn income from all the tickets that they sell to their supporters.

Canary Wharf Group’s Charity Night will take place held on Thursday 18 November 2004 between 6pm and 9pm. To “take advantage of exclusive offers, promotions, competitions, food and wine tastings and spotlight fashion shows” at the 200 bars, shops and restaurants, shoppers must buy a ticket from one of the participating charities. Tickets cost £10 and the charity receives 100% of the profits from all of the tickets it sells.

Canary Wharf believe that this is the first event of its kind in the UK. It already has sponsorship from London’s Evening Standard newspaper. It also has a working population of 65,000 and is visited by shoppers from across London and the South East, so the event could attract a large audience.


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Tickets will be supplied to the charities by Canary Wharf and they are asked to sell them directly. All charities taking part will also receive an equal share of all tickets sold on Canary Wharf’s retail Web site as well as those bought at Canary Wharf’s post office.

Charities interested in participating should contact Shirley McGovern.