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Small Charity Week’s eBay Auction returns for 2015

Howard Lake | 20 March 2015 | News

Small Charity Week 2015 will again feature the eBay Auction, offering the chance for small charities to win a £2,000 prize.
Small Charity Week is run by The FSI and runs from 15-20 June this year.
They are inviting charities to prepare for the fundraising competition by 8 May by inviting their celebrity supporters, patrons, corporates “or anyone else you may know” who can provide an appropriate auction item. What is appropriate? Examples of previous year’s best-selling auction lots include:
• A breakfast, lunch or dinner with Simon from The Inbetweeners
• A high profile internship at a top PR company
• A signed Lionel Messi shirt
• Tickets for the X Factor Final
• A signed Manchester United shirt
Celebrity items seem to be particularly popular but other ideas or items can be considered. The FSI add though that “the item does have to be special in some way”.
This year PayPal Giving Fund will match the value of the funds raised from the top two items up to the value of £2,000.

Tips on finding items for the eBay Auction

The FSI has given the following suggestions for sourcing appropriate items for the event:
• Think about celebrities who may have some kind of link to your cause and compile a list of people to approach. Make sure the letter you send explains how they can make a difference and reassures them that this event will be heavily marketed so their donation will do some good.
• Contact celebrity agents – this could be an opportunity for their clients
• See if your Trustees have any celebrity/corporate contacts
• Use your imagination; a good idea could be just as good as any celebrity attachment
To register your interest contact The FSI at in**@sm**************.com or on 02079539846. All items need to be registered with the campaign by 8 May 2015.


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