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Plan to get every UK church on the Web

Howard Lake | 9 September 2004 | News

The Evangelical Alliance Media Consultancy (EAMC) has launched a new service to help more churches launch their own Web sites and enable them to engage more effectively with their local communities.

EAMC in partnership with, a division of Surrey-based Internet design company blueberrytwist, is offering churches a template-based service that offers a library of over 70 professionally designed templates. Using the system’s editor tool, churches can the create as many pages as required.

Allen Moxham, EAMC Account Director, said: “We hope that in five years, every church in the UK will have its Web site.”


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The service, plus telephone support, domain name and search engine registration, is available for an annual fee of £195 plus VAT.

The basic service doesn’t include an online donation element, but these can be added in easily enough from other suppliers such as, CAF, or

Allen Moxham added: “We hope this partnership will encourage every church in the UK to view the Web as an integral part of its communications strategy.”