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Plan to get every UK church on the Web

Howard Lake | 9 September 2004 | News

The Evangelical Alliance Media Consultancy (EAMC) has launched a new service to help more churches launch their own Web sites and enable them to engage more effectively with their local communities.

EAMC in partnership with Church123.com, a division of Surrey-based Internet design company blueberrytwist, is offering churches a template-based service that offers a library of over 70 professionally designed templates. Using the system’s editor tool, churches can the create as many pages as required.

Allen Moxham, EAMC Account Director, said: “We hope that in five years, every church in the UK will have its Web site.”


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The service, plus telephone support, domain name and search engine registration, is available for an annual fee of £195 plus VAT.

The basic service doesn’t include an online donation element, but these can be added in easily enough from other suppliers such as bmycharity.com, CAF, or Justgiving.com.

Allen Moxham added: “We hope this partnership will encourage every church in the UK to view the Web as an integral part of its communications strategy.”