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Memorial Fund to benefit from new book on Diana as humanitarian

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A new book on the late Princess Diana will explores her commitment to charities and causes through the insights and perspectives of people who were affected by her work.

‘Diana: The Portrait’ has been produced with the full cooperation of her Estate, and profits from the book will go to projects supported by the Memorial Fund set up in the Princess’s memory.

The Fund hopes that the book, written by Rosalind Coward and published by HarperCollins on 30 August 2004, will lend impetus to the charitable causes which the Princess stood for. The author talked to more than 200 people for the book, and the book features 500 photographs.


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Andrew Purkis, Chief Executive of the Fund said: “Diana: The Portrait is a tribute to the special and lasting impact of the Princess’s charitable work which continues to inspire many people around the world. Its launch is a time to celebrate her humanitarian achievements and recognise the continued efforts of many organisations, individuals and communities which carry on her work. That’s the best way of honouring her memory.”

The book costs £30.