Trustee raises £23,000 for Fight for Sight

Howard Lake | 12 July 2004 | News

Clive Stone, a trustee of Fight for Sight, has raised £23,000 for the charity on a sponsored trans-Atlantic sail.

Clive sailed across the Atlantic non-stop on a 3,000 mile journey from Gran Canaria to St Lucia at the end of 2003.

Clive, of Kenilworth in Warwickshire left behind his wife, three sons and eleven grandchildren on November 23 2003 to skipper a four-man crew on his cutter-rigged sloop.


He arrived at St Lucia on December 12 – just 19 days later. The trip took 14 months to plan.

“The weather was mainly on our side,” Clive said, “although we had some dramatic moments as well!”

While most trustees won’t be able to sail across the Atlantic, how many of them have directly helped you fundraise recently? Or perhaps you haven’t asked them recently?