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Maureen Lipman becomes first patron of Myeloma charity

Howard Lake | 19 June 2004 | News

Maureen Lipman photo
Maureen Lipman

Actress and author Maureen Lipman CBE has become the first honorary patron for the International Myeloma Foundation (UK).

Ms Lipman’s husband, the renowned playwright Jack Rosenthal, died as a result of myeloma
last month. “Myeloma is a less than well known cousin to leukaemia that has a devastating affect on patients and their families – it has to ours”, explained Ms Lipman. “I want to help raise awareness of the disease, treatment and research in the hope of finding a permanent cure. I don’t want anybody to go through what we have gone through because of this little known and violent disease. I will do whatever I can to further to aims of IMF (UK).”

Ms Lipman will be attending and speaking at a reception in the House of Commons next week as part of the IMF (UK)’s annual Awareness week, held from 21 to 28 June.


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