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Two Anglican grant-making charities to collaborate more closely

Howard Lake | 26 May 2004 | News

The Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy and The Friends of the Clergy Corporation, the two leading charities helping Anglican clergy and their families in times of need, have reached agreement in principle on a closer collaboration between the two grant-making organisations.

It is proposed that a board of trustees common to both charities should be established, thereby enabling the two Corporations to be administered together with a unified grant-making process.

The aims of the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy and The Friends of the Clergy Corporation are broadly similar. They already have many years’ experience of working closely together. Their combined total grants during 2003 of over £2 million represent by far the largest source of charitable assistance to clergy and their dependants nationwide. Naturally, the maintenance of two separate charities with such similar objectives means that there is duplication of administration.


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By bringing the two organisations together under a single trustee body, there will be an immediate advantage for beneficiaries in the form of a simplified application procedure and a unified system of grant administration. In due course, further efficiencies should be obtained, thereby reducing the total level of overheads and increasing the amount available for distribution to beneficiaries.