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Charities risk management survey 2004 launched

Accountants and business advisors PKF and the Charity Finance Directors’ Group (CFDG) have launched their annual Charities Risk Management survey and are inviting charities to participate.

The survey, in its third year, will focus on managing and reducing the risks faced by the charity sector, looking at everything from reputation, ineffective management and IT failure, to issues of organisations’ willingness to take on risk, and strategic direction.

In 2003 almost 400 charities took part in the survey “Reaping the rewards – is risk management proving its worth?” which, say PKF, is “the most comprehensive study of how charities are dealing with risk.”


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Last year’s survey found that risk management is a strong factor in investment decisions and major changes by more than 70% of charities, less than half of charities have a business continuity plan to cope with technical, natural or financial disasters, less than 20% have a fraud response plan, and that only a third have a media response plan, leaving their reputation vulnerable to attack.

Questionnaires are now available from Janette O’Byrne on 020 7065 0318 or, for the first time, the survey can be completed online. The deadline for completion of the questionnaire is 11 June 2004.