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Lords worried Olympics lottery funding could impact on good causes

Howard Lake | 3 March 2004 | News

The debate in the House of Lords on Tuesday on the Horserace betting and Olympics lottery bill exposed serious concerns about the reduction of money to existing good causes.

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has expressed profound doubts about the ability of the new Olympic Lottery games to raise the estimated £750 million required to stage the Olympics.

Labour Peer, Lord Judd expressed strong support for NCVO’s concerns. He explained both of NCVO’s main recommendations, that the 12% duty on lottery tickets should be split between good causes and prizes, and, secondly, rather than granting the Secretary of State reserve powers to make
payments from the National Lottery distribution fund into the Olympic Lottery Distribution fund, powers should be granted to enable the transfer of unclaimed prizes, worth more than £590 million, to the Olympics.


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