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Tony Poderis on a communications strategy for fundraising

American fundraising consultant Tony Poderis has just published his advice on developing a communications strategy for the development operation on his Web site at www.raise-funds.com.

The latest article on Poderis’ excellent and long-standing resource on fundraising looks at how to create a communications strategy that supports an organisation’s fundraising plans.

He explains that he is not talking about an organisation’s overall communications strategy, namely how and what it does to present itself to the public at large. Instead he is referring to an organisation’s fundraising communications strategy – how and what it does to communicate its fundraising needs and efforts to donors, prospects, and those able to influence them.


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A fundraising communications strategy does of course start with the organisation’s overall communications plan. Whatever is done to communicate, as part of the fundraising effort, must be done in the context of how the organisation has decided to present itself to the public.

The need for a specialised development communications strategy does not give a fundraising department the license to work outside the organisation’s communications department. “It is crucially important that the fundraising department work with the communications department,” argues Poderis.

In his article Poderis explains how a fundraising communications strategy crosses functional lines within an organisation and how it must be true to both the fundraising and the communications departments’ guidelines, practices, and policies,

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