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National misTrust Web site

Howard Lake | 22 January 2004 | News

While some charities have been on the receiving end of campaigning using similar domain names, the nationalmistrust.org.uk site is not the negative site you might assume.

Several charities have suffered domain name problems as individuals have used similar sounding domain names to wage their campaigns against them. Coming across nationalmistrust.org.uk we assumed that this might be a similar site. In fact, it’s just plain silly.

The site has been set up by National Trust members, it seems, who delight in sharing photographs of themselves at National Trust properties behaving “a downright inappropriate manner”. We didn’t spot anything indecent – apart from one “moonie”, just vaguely humorous pictures.


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While the site might be regarded as affectionate towards the National Trust, its use of a very similar typeface and logo to that of the National Trust is inadvisable.

The existence of the site shouldn’t cause the National Trust any problems, but it just goes to show that domain name issues are still a cause of concern for charities.