Experian helps identify donors best qualified to make donations

Global information solutions company Experian has launched Canvasse Charity Selections, a new service to help fundraisers target potential donors more effectively.

Canvasse Charity Selections is designed to help fundraisers accurately target individuals who can afford to make donations, are likely to do so and are less likely to have received direct mail from other charities.

Experian say it differs from other products because it uses “actual data” rather than relying on modelled data. In short, they suggest that it can help charities’ direct mailing campaigns reach those people in the UK best qualified to make donations.


It uses three sets of data to target the most likely givers. To identify potential donors with high disposable income, it first uses shareholder data, which contains the details of two million high net worth UK investors owning £27 billion in shares. Creditworthiness predictors generated by Delphi for Mailings, Experian’s credit scoring tool, further verify an individual’s ability to donate.

This data on high net worth individuals’ ability to donate is then matched with two of Experian’s segmentation tools, Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segments. Used together, the two data sets provide an insight into individuals’ habits and views, enabling charities to tailor direct mail campaigns to elicit the best response.

The final stage involves taking the data and overlaying it onto the UK-wide population provided by Experian’s National Canvasse database to highlight individuals in the UK who are less likely to have received charity-specific direct mail in the past.

Peter Thompson, Sales Director for Experian’s Marketing Services division, said: “Our new service allows charities to exert better control over the types of individual they need to target – providing them with a sophisticated prospect targeting solution that reduces costs whilst increasing average donation value.”