BBC repeats Working in the Community series again

The BBC is repeating the Working in the Community series again from 3rd – 14th November on BBC2 from 5am – 6am.

BBC Learning Zone, BBC TWO’s overnight record and play education service, will rescreen its series of programmes about working in the community next month. It was last repeated in August 2003.

The two-week series takes a look at working as a volunteer, how volunteers can change people’s lives, how to raise finance, deal with the media, reflect the diversity of a community and communicate well with people. There’s advice on how to apply for lottery funding for community groups and there’s also a practical guide to health and safety for those organisations using volunteers.


The programmes on “Communicating to Raise Funds” air on 4 and 11 November from 05.00 – 06.00. One looks at how Avon Sports and Leisure for the Visually Impaired learn how to hold an event to raise funds for cricket kit to enable them to play in the national cricket league. The second looks at how Tassie from an educational science and IT charity learns how to present her case to potential big funders.