Advert > UK Fundraising advertises fundraising jobs by Web and e-mail

Howard Lake | 22 October 2003 | News

£199 - on a yellow rectangle

UK Fundraising will now publish fundraising job adverts on both the Web site and in its fortnightly e-mail newsletter for just £199.

We’ve simplified our recruitment advertising offer. In the past you had to choose to advertise a fundraising vacancy either on the Web site or on our e-mail newsletter, or pay twice if you wanted both.

Now we’ll publish your vacancy on both, but for the price of one. That’s right – for £199 pounds your vacancy can be listed on the UK Fundraising Web site for up to six weeks and it will be listed in summary format in each issue of the UK Fundraising News e-mail newsletter published until its closing date.


UK Fundraising has a long track record of offering low cost and targeted recruitment advertising to charities and recruitment agencies. We often win repeat business from advertisers who find that not only are we very low cost but we can often deliver very good quality applicants without overloading them with a rash of poor quality candidates.

Recruitment adverts can usually be published on the Web site within an hour or so, and are automatically included in our daily and weekly e-mail alerts to registered users.

To book a recruitment advert contact Gareth Edwards, Advertising Sales Manager on 01388 517703.