UNICEF uses Experian home shopping data to reactivate catalogue customers

Global children’s charity UNICEF has used Experian’s home shopping data pooling product Club Canvasse, to select lapsed catalogue customers for re-activation.

UNICEF has embarked on a campaign to reactivate lapsed home shopping customers in the run up to Christmas. UNICEF is one of the first members of Club Canvasse, the database of pooled transactional information on home shopping customers from Experian, to utilise this new reactivation service. This data allows UNICEF to target past customers who are still using the home shopping medium from other suppliers, and screen out those who have not used it for a while.

The reactivation campaign involves sending over one million catalogues to home shopping customers who are encouraged to buy via the phone or online. UNICEF is primarily targeting ABC1 females and expects that it will lift response rates “by at least 25%.”


As a Club Canvasse member for over two years, UNICEF has access to over seven million active home shopping buyers from 140 home shopping members. The recent addition of the Club Canvasse reactivation service has enabled UNICEF to validate all its dormant buyers against the Club Canvasse multi-buyer pool, to assess if there have been any known transactions with other members.

This analysis provides UNICEF with an instant snapshot of the home shopping transactional history for its dormant customers, highlighting those individuals who continue to use the home shopping medium but have not recently purchased from UNICEF.

Another feature of the service is the ability to carry out retrospective analysis of past marketing campaigns to demonstrate the cost savings that could have been achieved through the use of the reactivation service. For UNICEF, this analysis revealed that using the new service would yield an impressive reduction in cost per acquisition.

Paula Boulanger, Direct Marketing Manager for UNICEF, explained: “Reactivating lapsed customers is far more cost-effective than recruiting new ones. This service from Experian gives us an unprecedented insight into the purchasing behaviour of our lapsed customers, so that we can best assess our opportunity for reactivation.

“The service has the advantage that we can derive key recency, frequency and monetary value reports on lapsed customers. If, from these reports, we see that a lapsed customer continues to value the home shopping medium, and is regularly purchasing, then we may decide to mail these individuals. On the other hand, the report may reveal that our lapsed customer has not transacted with other Club Canvasse members, and we can make a decision on whether to exclude them from future mailings.”