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NSPCC sends its first e-newsletter

Howard Lake | 26 September 2003 | News

The NSPCC has sent it first HTML e-mail newsletter to its supporters.

The NSPCC has sent the first issue of a monthly e-mail newsletter to supporters. The charity says its aims is “to give you up-to-date information on how we spend the money supporters generously donate.” It adds that it will also be used to “keep you informed of improvements in the services we provide for children and how we are moving towards our goal of ending cruelty to children.”

The first issue features a postcard campaign for Internet safety, promotion of the charity’s Christmas catalogue, details of how donations are spent, and details of how to use the charity’s Supporter Services Online facility which helps supporters manage their relationship with the charity.


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The newsletter was appropriately concise, offered a good balance of news, fundraising
and campaigning content, and details of how to unsubscribe. It also helpfully lists the recipients supporter number, which would help the charity handle any enquiry the supporter might contact them with.

The charity does of course trumpet the fact that “because it’s an e-newsletter there are no high printing or postage costs, so this is a cost-effective way of communicating with you.”

The e-mail newsletter was distributed using mailer software from Active Media Business Solutions, an agency which has worked with NSPCC in areas such as Gift Aid claims processing systems.