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New fundraising, advocacy, training and communications consultancy

Senior fundraiser Findlay Craig has set up a new consultancy, factsinternational.com, to provide complementary services in fundraising, advocacy, communications, training and solutions for UK and international NGOs.

The new consultancy is headed by Finlay Craig, the respected Scottish fundraising consultant and trainer. He has assembled a network of experienced professionals in the UK, Switzerland, France and in Asia.

Finlay will be building on his eleven years’ management experience with NGOs in Asia to develop the international side of the new consultancy.


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“We are delighted with our international progress in only a few months,” said Mr Craig. “We have already provided training to voluntary organisations in China, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Thailand and the UK. Over the next six months we expect to have clients in, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia and Slovakia.”

The factsinternational.com associates include Anne Morrison who has been instrumental in advancing the Institute of Fundraising in Scotland as its Development Officer since 1998. She will be factsinternational.com’s consultant on individual and organisational coaching and training, while continuing to work as the Institute’s part-time Scottish Co-ordinator.