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Lloyds TSB Foundation reports on impact assessment

The Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales has published its findings on what results its funding has achieved in the field of mental health.

The research looked at how much impact core funding had compared to project funding, the relative impact of smaller as opposed to larger grants, and the extent to which recipients undertake self-evaluation.

The report, “A Measured Approach”, found that the Foundation’s grants for core costs have a slightly higher impact than the grants for project funding. It also found that there is little relationship between size of donation and the level of impact, suggesting that small donations can make as much of a difference in achieving outcomes as large ones. There is also no correlation between size of the annual budget of participants and the impact of the Foundation’s giving.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

The project has since been shortlisted for the Charity Awards which recognise excellence in the management of charities. These will be announced on 19 June 2003.

You can download a Word version of the impact assessment report from the yds TSB Foundation for England and Wales’ Web site.