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Macmillan launches first direct response TV ad

Macmillan Cancer Relief

Macmillan Cancer Relief has launched its first ever television fundraising campaign to secure new donors and increase the awareness and understanding of Macmillan’s work.
The new DRTV commercial aims to help Macmillan increase its supporter base by asking donors to give £3 a month via direct debit. The ad will also differentiate Macmillan from other cancer charities by communicating the message that Macmillan helps people to live their lives in spite of their cancer.
The 90-second advert features a family designed to represent the thousands of families in the UK whose lives have been affected by cancer. The voiceover, provided by actor Jerome Flynn, tells the viewer that one person in the family has cancer.
Without ever revealing which family member it is, it is then explained how when one person has cancer, their whole family is affected too. The ad describes the range of emotional, practical and medical services that Macmillan provides to support not only the cancer patient but also their families.
A freephone telephone response number will appear throughout the ad to prompt prospective supporters.
Ian Welch, Macmillan’s Direct Marketing Manager says: “Whilst many people know about the work of Macmillan’s nurses, few people know about the range of other services we provide. This was a very cost-effective way to combine fundraising with an awareness message. Many people who helped produce the commercial kindly donated their time and expertise for free or at reduced rates so thanks to them we were able to keep costs to a minimum.”
The commercial was written and art directed by Nick Holmes and Dave Sturdy of creative agency Different Kettle and was directed by Susie Roberson of the Paul Weiland Film Company. It will first be aired on Monday 12 May 2003 at 10.56am on the satellite Travel Channel. It will be shown on satellite and cable TV channels including Channel Five (South), UK Horizons, Granada Plus, ITV News and Chart show ITV.



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