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Capital appeals now take longer

Capital appeals now take longer

Ian Kerr of Midas Charity Appeals says that the emphasis on partnerships in capital appeals means they are taking longer.

“Is fundraising becoming more complex or is it the expectations of those surrounding our appeals?

“Take capital appeals for example……………

“In the 1970’s and 1980’s it seemed that all we needed to do was secure one really large gift then all the others conveniently fell into place. Appeals had a clear and fast track.

“Now partnerships are the current fashion, with everyone cooperating with everyone on something! There is a whole new layer of people to consult, persuade, and egos to massage. Partners need to be in place at the start of an appeal but do not usually provide the lead gift.

“Today, more and more larger donors are expecting something in return for their gifts, without specifying exactly what it is! So more time is invested in funders’ needs and ideas.

“Finally, there is the trend in statutory bodies and the Community Fund to want counterpart funders in place before they will consider an application. So build in more time to do the job properly.

“All this means that many capital appeals will take another year or so – all in the costly planning phase and before money comes in. We now suggest 3 rather than 2 years if Midas is taking a charity through all stages of an appeal, of which the first is all planning, the second negotiation with major donors, and just the final 12 months the actual appeal.”

Ian Kerr would be interested in your ideas.

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