NSFRE publishes updated code of ethics

Howard Lake | 23 January 2000 | News

The US National Society of Fundraising Executives has published an amended version of its code of ethical principles.
The NSFRE has updated its Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice. The code applies to NSFRE members and those holding certifications granted or sponsored by NSFRE while they are engaged in engaged in raising charitable gifts for philanthropic, not-for-profit organisations. The original code was adopted in November 1991.
The code is well set-up. In addition to stating the various standards and principles, the code includes several examples each of the code in practice and examples of unethical practice. Standard 6, for example, states that “member recognise their individual boundaries of competence and are forthcoming and truthful about their professional experience and qualifications. ” Standard 14 states “members shall give donors the opportunity to have their names removed from lists that are sold to,rented to, or exchanged with other organisations.”
Standard 16 tackles the perennial issue of whether fundraisers should work on a percentage or commission basis. NSFRE, like the UK’s Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers, comes down against the practice. The NSFRE code states that “members shall not accept compensation that is based on a percentage of charitable contributions; nor shall they accept finder’s fees.”
There are 18 standards, together with five appendices which include details such as how to register a query about a possible violation of the code and an NSFRE complaint form.

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