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New tune for instant fundraising appeal?

Howard Lake | 5 December 1999 | News

Oliver Morgan writes in today’s The Observer about the latest use by marketers of mobile ‘phones. BT Cellnet is teaming up with brewers Whitbread to offer electronic vouchers via mobile ‘phones. Some mobile ‘phones allow their users’ physical location to be tracked. These vouchers will be sent when a mobile user is near a pub or bar, offering them a free pie with a pint or some other deal.

Can this – indeed, should this – facility be applied by fundraisers? Is it relevant for charities to notify mobile ‘phone users of the deals available in the charity shop just round the corner? Perhaps emergency appeal charities will notify ‘phone users that they can make their payment at the bank or post office just up the road. Or more likely, will some charities’ commercial affinity product partners use the mobile ‘phone in this way to encourage users to visit their local branch to sign up for their latest charity-supporting product?

Just because a technology offers this facility does not mean it should be used by non-profit organisations. UK Fundraising, however, looks forward to hearing if any charities are planning to extend their fundraising in this way.


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