Holy cowshed!

Howard Lake | 2 December 1999 | News

It’s a quirky name, but that’s the point. The Cow Shed Network has spotted the value of generating income by signing up for various affiliate/referral programmes. They are encouraging people to visit their site, view adverts, buy domain names, buy products from the suppliers they link to, and all to raise funds for charities.

The US site proclaims: “100% of all profit from this website (after taxes) is donated to registered charities.” They have high hopes of encouraging millions of people to come to the site and raise significant sums of money. They see themselves as “solving the world’s problems click by click”.

Such sites by charity supporters are useful to charities in two ways. First, they can generate some income for charities. Secondly, they can demonstrate to charities some of the innovative methods of online fundraising available to them. They could give the charities some useful ideas for their sites.


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