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iGive gives

Howard Lake | 13 November 1999 | News

Pioneering e-philanthropy site iGive has released its latests results for the US non-profits it helps.

On 28 October Allison Brody of iGive announced: “Lost Children’s Network received a $1,365 cheque via iGive.com last week. The Brian Littrell Endowment for Pediatric Cardiology received $8,571 and The Caroline Dorough-Cochran Lupus Memorial Foundation received $1,852. The Siamese Rescue Center of Los Angeles received $1,006 this month, bringing their total amount raised through iGive.com to more than $6,000. These cheques were just a few of the 2,107 cheques totaling $89,075 sent out this month by iGive.com on behalf of its members.”

iGive.com is a resource “where members turn their everyday online shopping into philanthropy” so that “helping a favorite cause is as easy as buying toothpaste, books, CDs, or computers.”


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