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Shirley Foundation supports "first online disability conference"

Howard Lake | 19 October 1999 | News

The National Autistic Foundation will launch Autism99 on 2 November, the “first-ever worldwide disability conference to happen only on the Internet.”

Funding for the conference and Web site was granted by The Shirley Foundation. This is a newly-formed charity dedicated to autism set up by business woman Steve Shirley, who founded the FI group.

National Autistic Society branches will also be able to participate in the conference as a result of a fundraising partnership between British Telecom and the Society. NAS was one of five charities to which customers were asked to donate their Friends and Family savings from July to September.


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The Web-based conference is the work of RMR Design Associates Ltd. (They subsequently reported that their fee for the conference was £150,000, according to Internet World, August 2000, p.60).

Bob Rankin featured the site on Tourbus on 6 November 1999 and commented: “I have to say this is a VERY impressive site – flashy but it still downloads quickly.”

You can take part in the conference by registering at Autism99.