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How accessible is accessible?

Howard Lake | 12 October 1999 | News

This month the Disability Discrimination Act comes into force. From now on goods and services have to be offered on equal terms to people with disabilities. This can range from restaurant staff reading out a menu to a blind person to publishing Web sites that are accessible to people with disabilities.

How accessible are disability charities’ Web sites? A recent US survey reveals some concerns. The survey looked into the accessibility of the Web sites of over 200 US non-profit organisations working with people with disabilities. Report author Michael Gilbert of the Nonprofit Site Analyzer found “nearly 65% of the sites had one or more accessibility errors” and that “nearly 80% had some sort of browser compatibility error that might lead to an access problem.”

The Accessibility of Disability Sites is one of the resources linked to on UK Fundraising’s July 1999 report Fighting Web-based discrimination.


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