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US aid agencies – online income figures released

Howard Lake | 27 November 1998 | News

World Vision and Save the Children’s US Web sites have generated increased income following the famine in Sudan and its coverage in the media. Save the Children saw activity on its Web site increase by 52%, resulting in donations worth $11,000. The average online donation was $173, and the largest single donation was $2,500.

World Vision’s Web site has raised more than $60,000 in donations related to its Sudan appeal page. One donor made an online donation of $5,000 following coverage of the organisation’s work on a TV news show.
Both organisations made sure that news organisations carried links to their Web sites. The Web sites of the New York Times, CNN, MS-NBC and National Public Radio all featured links to the World Vision home page. Save the Children were similarly successful with links from the Web sites of both CNN and NBC.


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