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Sound fundraising idea

Howard Lake | 19 November 1998 | News

In January 1998, UK Fundraising reported on an online pop video fundraising event for the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network during the 1997 Christmas holiday season. In return for a donation, visitors could view and hear exclusive music videos from Tori Amos. The event raised over $5,684 in just over a month.

It was made possible by RealImpact, a service of RealNetworks, Inc, who are now offering these online fundraising services to other non-profits. To find out how they run pay-per-view fundraising events, you can read their Tori Amos/RAINN case study.
RealImpact offers four services as part of its online fundraising – planning fundraising events on the Internet, creating and staging events, execution of pay-per-view strategies, and managing the commerce function.


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