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Online donor surveys launched in Germany and Australia

Howard Lake | 25 September 1998 | News

The German Charities Institute has launched an online questionnaire to find out what donors who are already online think about charities. The questionnaire asks if they would be willing to receive information from charities via e-mail and whether they would be prepared to donate online. Demographic data is also being gathered on participants. The results will be summarised on the site. Over 500 German charities have been notified of the questionnaire and asked to include a link on their Web site.

The Wesley Mission in Sydney, Australia has also launched an online survey on attitudes to giving online among its donors. Wesley Mission is Australia’s largest church-based non-profit organisation, with an annual expenditure of $75 million. The Mission has had an Internet presence for two years. Whilst it has mainly been information based, Webmaster and Mission Communications Manager, Martin Johnson, is keen to use the Internet to generate appeal income. “We receive over $2 million via traditional means, but with the growth of the Web we believe that this will be another way of people supporting our work.”

Johnson is completing a Master of Arts in Communication Management with his final thesis entitled, `Donating on-line. Non-profits and the Internet’, of which the online survey forms part.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

[The survey has now been completed and the paper “On-line donations to Non-Profit Organisations” published].