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Who's Who

Howard Lake | 9 July 1998 | News

The new edition of Who’s Who on CD-ROM is now available. An essential tool for fundraising researchers, the disk contains biographies of over 110,000 people “from all walks of life who have contributed to the political, economic, scientific, social and artistic life of Britain and the world.”

The CD-ROM was first published in 1996 and the new edition contains the nine volumes of Who Was Who 1897-1995, Who’s Who 1998 and the entries of those who have died in the intervening years.

So, if you are looking for campaigners who fought for universal suffrage, prominent people associated with your charity’s home town, or people who share a passion for salmon fishing, this disk can help you. Published for Windows (3.1X, 95 and NT) and Macintosh, further details are available from Customer Service Department, Oxford University Press.


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