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Howard Lake | 22 April 1998 | News

Give to Charity provides secure online donation facilities to charities and nonprofits. As well as one-off donations the site can also handle monthly or annual donations. The service is designed to make secure online fundraising more affordable for charities. Give to Charity point out that setting up a secure server, registering to take credit card payments, buying transactional software, and paying monthly fees can add up to a prohibitive expense for some nonprofits. Give to Charity’s only charge is a 15% transaction fee for each donation. There is no set-up fee.
They make it clear that they are not registered fundraisers, nor do they evaluate the charities listed on the site. “We do not actively solicit for, endorse, or represent any charity or nonprofit.” Instead they “facilitate and support the fund-raising efforts of participating charities [by providing] a third party payment (donation) service.”

Non-US nonprofits wishing to register to use the service must send a copy of their nonprofit documentation.
Give to Charity was founded in November 1997 by Michael Storm, who had worked in the computer industry for over 12 years.


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