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Jobseeking online by fundraisers

Howard Lake | 26 August 1997 | News

When German fundraiser Michael Urselmann started looking for a new job he wanted potential employers to find him. He therefore put his CV on the Web.

“I got six job offers in the fundraising field (three from NPOs, three from agencies)”, says Herr Urselmann. “In the meantime I have decided to accept one of them”.

He commented that all the contacts he made via the Web underlined the convenience of the easy and fast access to his personal data without obligation. From his point of view, it was a cheap and successful medium – “I can only recommend it”.


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He did point out, however, that the Web should be combined with other media, such as inserts in fundraising magazines and leaflets. For example, it was his printed handout at the German Fundraising Congress this year that drew UK Fundraising’s attention to his online CV.

If you are a fundraiser with a CV already online, UK Fundraising will add a link at no charge on its Vacancies page.