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Top US companies slow to register domain names

Top US companies slow to register domain names

Not all Fortune 500 companies in the USA have registered their brand names.

The USA’s top companies, the Fortune 500, have been slow to register their names and brand names as domain names. A US legal firm has found that only 33% of Fortune 500 companies had registered domain names by 1996. Not surprisingly, cybersquatters or unrelated third parties, had registered 14% of their names.

UK charities should not follow this example, but strive to protect their brand and reputation online. At the very least this means registering the .org and domain names. In addition, charities with trading companies should also register the and possibly the .com domains too.

Indeed, to protect charities against cybersquatters, there is an argument for charities to register as many of the top level domain names as they can, or can afford to. In addition, charities should consider registering the domain names of their fundraising appeals or other brands,such as

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