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.net magazine offers free Web space to charities

Howard Lake | 1 March 1995 | News

.net magazine is offering charities free Web space.

.net magazine, the Internet magazine, is offering charities free Web space. They will list a charity’s aims, mission statement and history together with contact details and any newsletters or promotional literature.

The magazine is clearly aware of the possibilities of fundraising online. It asks that charities submit details of future fundraising activities including events and reports of past fundraising activities. In addition it encourages charities to provide contact details should visitors want to volunteer. It will also publish the charity’s logo “or other images you want on the Web site.”


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In this sense the magazine is both encouraging charities to fundraise online and offering an outline of the type of material that should be featured on a Web site. Few online charities are offering such extensive coverage of their fundraising on their Web sites.

The magazine has been “overwhelmed with responses” according to editor Richard Longhurst.

Early users of the service include Scope and the Adult Dyslexia Organisation.