The spotlight is yours – watch the ad everyone is talking about

Howard Lake | 1 October 2021 | Sponsored posts

Enthuse logo and illustration of a giraffe photobombing a couple and stealing the show

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It’s hard enough to get donors’ attention, right? All that effort to get someone where they might make a donation… and then some third party confuses things by sticking their brand in the way? 

That’s not OK. So we made a video about it

1 in 3 people can’t remember who they last donated to. At Enthuse, we never steal your spotlight. We believe that nothing should get in between your cause and your donor. 

That’s why we always put your charity’s brand front and centre – so you get a better chance of conversion and no chance of confusion. 

Enthuse offers all-in-one digital fundraising. We do everything – except steal your spotlight.