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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving


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Payroll giving is a true win for charities. But what exactly is it?

It is a tax-free way that UK taxpayers can give a portion of their salary over to registered charities who are based in the United Kingdom.

This fundraising program was introduced back in1987, and allows employees the ability to give money to a registered charity in the UK in a simple and tax efficient way.

With pay roll giving, there is no tax that the charity would be required to claim back since there was no tax taken out to begin with. Another great benefit of payroll giving is the fact that many companies will match or at least partially match the donations that their employees make through the payroll giving program.

For more information and how to set up a pay-roll giving scheme, please call  or visit for more information.

For more information and how to set up a payroll giving scheme, please call 0845 094 8033 or visit

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Payroll Giving

There are almost 9000 employers residing in the UK that are currently operating under this program; and around 2% of all employees in the UK participate in it. The participating employment agency/company will deduct the amount that have been agreed upon before the tax is calculated, and they will then send over the money to a specific payroll giving agency. Once this has been done, the chosen agency then would distribute the money out to charities registered in the UK, and this would be done in accordance with the wishes of the employees. Around 40% of all employers in the UK offer to cover the varying administration fee on behalf of the employee, making this a win-win for charities and employees to take part.

There are several agencies that operate payroll giving that perform the administrating and the processing of donations to the correct charitable organisations. It is necessary for the employers to choose which agency that they want to operate with as they will not be paying  the charitable organisations directly.

As previously mentioned, with payroll giving, UK charitable organisations benefit from the donations being tax-free, and in many cases will be matched or partially matched by the employer. Payroll giving is therefore a win for charities because of its many benefits. In this instance, giving to charity is a very rewarding experience that not only benefits the charity, but it benefits the giver as well.

In the UK, payroll giving is promoted heavily between different workplaces and a number professional fundraising organizations and charities.

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