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Rare Xbox console donated to BHF expected to fetch up to £9k on eBay

Melanie May | 10 June 2024 | News

A green Pepsi Hulk console

A rare Xbox console donated to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shop in Oxford is expected to fetch as much as £9k on eBay.

Listed for sale on the charity’s eBay site, the Pepsi Hulk Console is one of only 36, and was released in 2003. The green console is in working condition, and was never available for retail sale as it was a competition prize used to promote the 2003 release of ‘Hulk’ in UK theatres.

Gamers and collectors are being encouraged to place their bids to be in with a chance of getting this collectable item. Because the console has so rarely been for sale, and is limited edition, it could fetch up to £9,000 at the auction.


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Paul Smith, a function tester at the BHF’s eBay HQ, discovered the value of the console when he was function testing it.

He said:

“We test all the electrical donations we receive, and this one really caught my eye. I’m a games enthusiast myself but the rare green colour combined with the Hulk and Pepsi logo really stood out. Whoever is lucky enough to snap this up will make their friends green with envy.”

Pepsi Hulk Console close up of the logo which says Hulk and shows the Incredible Hulk's eye and the Pepsi logo

Money from the sale of the Xbox console will go towards funding the British Heart Foundation’s research into heart and circulatory diseases.

The console has been listed for 10 days on the BHF’s eBay site with international shipping available, and bidding closing on Saturday 15 June at 9pm (UK time).


The Xbox console sold for £7,700 after 62 bids.