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£2.2mn in funding available to support Black & racially minoritised youth at risk of violence

Melanie May | 31 May 2024 | News

The backs of two young men at a dart board. By Kevin Malik on Pexels

The Phoenix Way has launched a £2.2 million funding round dedicated to nonprofit organisations working with Black and racially minoritised youth at risk of violence. 

This second round of the Children and Youth grant offers individual grants ranging from £50,000 to £75,000. The deadline for applications is midnight on Wednesday 3 July.

To be eligible, nonprofit groups, organisations or charities must be led by representatives of Black and racially minoritised communities and work within these communities. They must also work with participants and communities that are primarily 18 or under and are at high risk of becoming involved in violence, and must have annual operating budgets of up to £150,000 per year, and be located and work in England and/or Wales.


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The Phoenix Way has invested over £3 million in Black and racially minoritised communities within the past year including a £1mn funding round last March. This current round builds on the initial £2 million Children and Youth grant launched in November 2023, which awarded 47 organisations across the UK including: Free Your Mind CIC, Saalik Youth Project and Champions 4 Change Wellbeing CIC.

The Phoenix Way is a national partnership formed during the COVID-19 pandemic to address structural inequalities faced by Black and racially minoritised communities. Established in May 2021, it seeks to transform relationships between funders and these communities, tackle systemic racial inequalities and empower these groups to lead funding processes, priorities and allocation decisions.

Yvonne Field OBE, CEO and Founder of the Ubele Initiative and Lead Partner of the Phoenix Way, said:  

“We’re thrilled to launch another round of the Children and Youth grant. What truly sets this apart is the involvement of young people and previous grantee recipients in the decision-making process. By including their voices, we ensure that our funding is directed by those with first-hand experience, making a lasting, meaningful impact on the lives of young people across the UK.”