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Regulator opens review on proposal to increase Fundraising Levy

Melanie May | 6 December 2023 | News

Fundraising Regulator logo

The Fundraising Regulator is seeking views on its proposal to increase the Fundraising Levy for the first time since it was founded in 2016.

The Levy sees charities that spend over £100,000 on their annual fundraising activity pay a voluntary contribution to fund the Regulator’s services – which are mostly funded by the Levy.

The Fundraising Regulator has put forward the proposal because of new regulatory responses to the rise of online fundraising, an increase in its caseload, a commitment to ‘proactive and reactive’ regulation, and rising costs.


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It is seeking views from people within charitable fundraising organisations who are responsible for paying the Levy or maintaining registration with the Regulator. Responses will be considered by the Regulator’s board and a summary published in early 2024.

Following this consultation, the changes will come into effect in September 2024. Further increases from September 2025 will be tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to ensure they are more gradual, and charities will be given advance notice before rises come into effect.

Lord Toby Harris, the Chair of the Fundraising Regulator, said:

“The past seven years have seen us grow as an organisation that promotes public trust and meets the regulatory needs of the sector. This new funding model will allow us to continue our work to promote public trust in charitable fundraising by ensuring it is legal, honest, open and respectful.


“We are committed to making sure charities are well informed and prepared prior to the increases taking effect, and we encourage all registered organisations to respond to our consultation on these changes.”